2018 May Snapshots (May ASPAC Edition)

2018 Jan Snapshots (2018 January Inauguration Issue) 


2017 December Snapshots  (Do Do say Do Do did ~ How people describe our President Do Do throughout this year? What image does she portray?)

2017 November Snapshots  (Do Do say Do Do do ~ the awesome "JC Credit Card"! )

2017 October Snapshots  

2017 September Snapshots  (Do Do say Do Do do ~ How "fashion" has influenced so much on Do Do's personal and JC journey

2017 July Snapshots  (Do Do say Do Do do ~ What superpower does a president possess?)

2017 June Snapshots  (Printed Issue) ~ Feature Story: Dialogue with Ms Pansy Ho, JP (Do Do say Do Do do ~ Chemistry with Blue Flag) 

2017 April General Issue (Do Do say Do Do do ~ Our Lady Locker)  

2017 March General Issue  (Do Do say Do Do do ~ Mr Coffee & Mrs Water, and BYOWB)

2017 February General Issue  (Do Do say Do Do do ~ The Secret of my President Chain) 

2017 January Issue (Inaugural printed issue) 

Explore Your Potential (發掘個人潛能)Exude Your Charisma (綻放個性魅力) 

E Snapshot

2017 August Special Issue 

2017 July Special Issue 

2017 May Special Issue

2017 April Special Edition

2017 March Special Edition 


Interview with 2017 JCI World President Dawn Hetzel new


Our Chapter slogan this year Explore Your Potential, Exude Your Charisma, what do you think are elements that make a women charismatic? 

How do you motivate yourself to GIVE your BEST SHOT?   




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