2021 President Vincy Wong

2020 was an unprecedented year, a year seared into all our memories, a year that fundamentally challenged long established norms about what we think is safe and appropriate.  The pandemic created waves of “new normal” that we must adapt and overcome.  Despite the huge challenges we faced in 2020, Jayceettes have always remained bold, resilient and united in our pursuit of self growth and our fulfilment of community development.

With the support of our passionate members, it is my true honour and privilege to serve as the President of JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes in 2021.  The theme “Be Bold. Be Empowered. Be You” not only exemplifies the spirit of women empowerment, but also the mindset that Jayceettes have been upholding in our 52-years of history.

As the first female chapter in Asia, Jayceettes have always challenged women’s roles in society by adopting a daring attitude to speak our mind and follow our passions, even if it means stepping out of our comfort zones.  At the same time, we recognize that self-realization and progress can only be achieved if we support and empower each other as a team.  We never stop taking up challenges despite the headwinds, and have continuously strived to provide development opportunities for young women and create impactful projects for society over the years.

This year, we will launch two flagship projects that tackle social issues and opportunities brought on by the pandemic – a new project that focuses on working mothers, and a long-standing business project, “Business on Stilettos”, that connects working women with international partners through technology.  We also aim to have closer collaboration with sister chapters and friendship pacts with the aid of technology, so as to extend our impact beyond Hong Kong and empower more individuals in the Asia Pacific region.

Be Bold. Be Empowered. Be You” is not just a theme, it’s a mentality and a way of life that we would like to encourage every woman to embody.  Let us join hands to be the best version of ourselves!