With the new adopted JCI Mission and JCI Vision, “Leaders” and “Leadership” are specifically highlighted. Lead as WE” is our slogan in 2023We firmly believe to lead others, you must first lead yourself. This Higher WE embraces us all working together with understanding, respect, and persistence for the benefit of each other, ourselves and the community. WE also stands for Woman Empowerment and we will continuous to inspire more young female leaders to create positive change like the previous 54 years.

In 2023, WE have one target: Woman Empowerment through two accelerators – internal and external. Internally, WE would like to focus on membership growth from one’s personal development, bonding among members, and increasing the number of members. Externally, WE would like to establish a stronger network with different external parties through increased exposure in external networking events and collaboration with organizations in HK and around the globe.